Welcome to Poet Today An Ashok Sharma Internet Venture

Dare Venturing the Poetry of Complexity n that too in Internet World? The whole scenario becomes the most complex task of galaxy if you are trying whatever poetics from the highly localized environs of Raipur. Ashok Sharma Internet invites you to the daring venturing and living globally expressing yourself as poet today in Internet, for Internet and to a larger extent by Internet.

Poet Today is sure way for Hindi and English Poets to reach world horizon, Internet Writing is the tool introduced in Poet.Today to provide platform to almost unknown local writes.

Poet, Poetry and Poetics Today is launch pad for Civil Movements, the only way to create large social benefits, for following tasks in local to global strategic style -

- Internet Writer Concept, Definition and Real Time People Following Development
- Internet Economy out of local event, promotional and advertisement contents, enhanced ROI development
- Providing platform to English writers who exists but not known to wider audience
- Collaborative Review and Branding as Internet Author, First ever process
- Exposure to Global Trends to shape your own talent for ultimate exposure


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